Worship Like Abram

As my siblings and I grew into teenagers and young adults, my mom and dad had to change their parenting tactics.   To keep us on track and doing the things they felt we should do, they promised us certain things.  For instance, if we remained in college, they would pay for a car insurance and car.  Also, if we got straight A’s all year long, they would pay us $50.00 (which was a lot of money back then). My parents honored all their promises to us.  We learned that we could count on their word and had complete trust and faith in them.

It’s so easy to put trust and faith in someone when there is tangible proof that what a person says they do.  It’s quite another thing to trust when there is not always tangible proof, and when it takes a big leap of faith to trust and believe.

Abram was seventy-five years old, childless, and prosperous in his homeland.  One day God told Abram to leave his native land and go to a land where God would lead him.  God promised several things if Abram would do this. First, God promised to bless him and make him a great nation which meant give him many offspring.  He also promised Abram fame and all the world’s families would be blessed through him.  God added that He would bless those who blessed Abram and curse those who cursed Him which meant Abram had God’s protection no matter where he went.

I’m always amazed that Abram obeyed the voice of God and didn’t question him.  How many seventy-five-year-olds would pack up and make a long journey away from the familiar?  Yet, Abram packed up his wife and servants and all his possessions along with his nephew Lot and headed to where God told him to go which was the land of Canaan.  This land was already inhabited by a foreign culture.  However, that did not deter Abram.  He went ahead and made himself at home.

The Lord showed Himself to Abram and promised Canaan to Abram’s descendants.  Then Abram worshiped the Lord by building an alter there.  Abram traveled throughout that promised land.  In all Abram’s stops and starts on his journey, he built alters to honor God which showed his faith.  God had yet to come through on all his promises, but Abram had believed that God would.  How awesome Abram’s worshipful attitude was!

Can I say the same for myself?  Do I have enough faith to worship the Lord in all the stops and starts in my own life?  Can I believe in His promises when there is no tangible proof?  It’s hard to worship when things aren’t going well, or I forget to worship when things are great.  A worshipful attitude toward God opens our hearts so we can feel His presence and hear His voice.  It is a way to keep our faith strong and our souls tuned in to the Lord and His plans and promises for us.  When we do this in faith and not by what we can see and feel, it pleases the Lord.  He wants us to trust Him and love Him with our whole being.


Your kingdom is an everlasting kingdom, and your dominion endures through all generations. The Lord is trustworthy in all he promises and faithful in all he does.  Psalms 145:13

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