I swear, sometimes I think animals are smarter than people. Between nine thirty to ten o’clock every night, Phoebe, our Border collie mix, barks at us or will try to herd my husband and I to the bedroom. She will do anything to push us to go to bed. Once we are in bed, and she’s nestled in with us, she is fine. While she may appear to be a spoiled little brat (and she is), she knows that sleep is important to her human pack.

Sleep and rest are both renewing and refreshing. Many of us don’t get enough of it, especially moms and dads. It is during sleep that your body can repair itself and relax. It is also a time for your brain to rest. Sleep distances you from the problems and events of the previous day. When you get enough sleep and rest, you are able to face another day just a little bit stronger than you were at the end of the day before.

In Genesis, God set forth an example for mankind. He rested on the seventh day after Creation. It is not a suggestion, but a necessity. If God rested, then we who are created in His image must do the same.

Like everything else in life, it is something that you must set aside time to do. In this electronic age, the workplace takes up more time than ever, and many can’t seem to get away from email and work-related issues at a decent hour. Let’s add children and their practices, games, lessons, school-related events and homework into the mix. Let’s not forget that everyone has relationships that one must attend to whether it be spouses, significant others, family, friends…you name it. Who has time for rest and sleep? It ends up being something that you must do because your battery dies, or you would just keep on going.

According to most studies 6-9 hours of sleep is ideal, depending on the person. If you go too long without proper sleep and rest, your body will start to breakdown, and your brain will sputter. Only you know how much sleep you need.

Even though the concept of a good night’s rest and sleep seems to be a luxury in our society, it is too important to not make it a priority in our day. After all, everyone needs distance from today in order to be renewed to face the challenges of tomorrow. Proper sleep can help you become more balanced. It is something that you can do without much effort that will make you a more relaxed and less stressed person.

By the seventh day God had finished the work he had been doing; so on the seventh day he rested from all his work. And God blessed the seventh day and made it holy, because on it he rested from all the work of creating that he had done. Genesis 2:2-3

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