God’s Will

The house we lived in growing up had a basement.  It was large and tiled.  My parents turned into a playroom/study/living room type area for my brother, sister and I.  When my siblings and I were young, we loved to play “hide and seek” in the dark down there.  We would block the windows so no light could get in. One of us would stay upstairs while the other two would hide (or more if we had guests). The person who was “it” would turn off the lights before coming down the stairs to find “the hiders”.  The person who was found first was “it” next.

The key was for “it” to remain as quiet as possible so sounds would clue him/her in as to where someone was hiding.  When “it” moved, the movement had to be made as carefully and quietly as possible so “the hiders” didn’t hear “it” coming and duck, flatten or do anything else – except move – to avoid being touched.  Since the basement was pitch black, “it” had to extend his/her hands straight out and shuffle his/her feet to avoid tripping over or walking into something and could feel his/her way around the room.  Sometimes “it” had to request that “the hiders” make a sound so “it” could follow the sound(s) to find one of them.

Sometimes trying to discover God’s will in a situation or in our lives is a lot like playing hide and seek in the dark.  We want to do the right thing and remain in God’s will, but we cannot see it, or we reach out blindly hoping to find it.  It can be frustrating.

Because His will appears such a mystery to us, we may try to find a solution or what we think is God’s will on our own.  Ideas and options will run through our mind.  Something may attract our attention and/or sound good, and we end up trying to make our will into God’s will.

The only way to know God’s will for us is to know Him.  The only way to get to know Him is to build a relationship through prayer and reading/studying the Bible.  He has a set of standards and attributes that uniquely belong to Him and a set of expectations for those who follow Him.  Studying the Bible will help us to know and understand God and that in turn will help us make decisions that are in accordance with His will for our lives.  One thing is certain – whatever God’s will may be, it will never go against what is in the Bible.

The important thing to remember is to be still and quiet as we pray and read the Bible.  When we are in the dark about something, we can’t see a path forward, but we can still hear and feel.  Being quiet is more than just shutting out sounds – as in turning off the radio or television.  It is quieting our minds and keeping it open to what God wants or has to say to us that’s most important.  If we can’t hear Him, we may have a sin in our life that needs addressed, or we may be blocking His voice for some reason.  As we build our relationship with the Lord, when He speaks, we will recognize His voice and His light will permeate the darkness so we can see and know Him.


My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me.  I give them eternal life, and they shall never perish; no one will snatch them out of my hand. John 10:27-2

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