God’s Rescue

When I was in sixth grade, the high school football team practiced during our morning recess. Normally, during recess we were permitted to play on the football field, except while practice was going on. During morning recess one day, most of my sixth-grade class and some of the other classes decided to go and play on the football field during practice. Everyone was tired of being crowded into one spot with not much to do. Even though I knew I wasn’t supposed to do that, I was going to follow. However, I had a good friend who urged me to follow the rule. I chose to stay with her.

After recess was over, the principal had already told the teachers what the classes had done. That afternoon every sixth-grade class got interrogated, and each person had to go around and confess whether they had been on the football field or not. Those who were, got punished. The boys got the paddle, and the girls had to write 1,000 times (It could have been more) “I will not walk on the football field during practice”.

My friend and I were the only two from our whole classroom that did not have to endure the punishment. We faced some derision from those who were punished. But it was short-lived. The teacher had been very specific about the rule and what would follow. They had to face the consequences of their actions and had nobody to blame but themselves for disobeying.

Lot was much like my sixth-grade class who knew it was wrong to go on the football field, but wanted the fun that it provided. Lot believed and loved God, but chose to live in Sodom where there was a lot of sin. He really should have lived outside and away from those cities, but he chose not to. He compromised his morality and that of his family to enjoy a life of means among a sinful city.

Just as my friend rescued me. The angels had come to Sodom to investigate the sinfulness of the city and to rescue Lot and his family. God honored Abraham’s request to keep Lot and his family from being destroyed with those towns. The angels warned Lot that God was going to destroy the cities, and they had to leave pronto. Lot is reluctant to leave, but the angels grab he and his family and nearly drag them out of town. They get out just before Sodom and Gomorrah are destroyed by fire from heaven.

Lot knew that he should keep himself separate from the city and its sins, but he chose city living. While he may have been a good and moral man, just by living among the people there, he gave non-verbal approval for their life style and sinful pastimes. Not only that, it probably caused his family to more than likely enjoy the sins of the city. Had Abraham not petitioned for Lot and his family’s lives, I believe God would have destroyed Lot and his family along with the rest of the city.

It is important that we have believers in our lives who care and pray for us. Temptation and trials will always be with us here on Earth. God honors prayers of intercession just as He did Abraham’s. He has not changed. Other believers are the voice of the Lord and can rescue us from making poor choices that can alter a situation or our lives for the worst or pray for us when we may not be praying ourselves because we are overcome by our circumstances.

So when God destroyed the cities of the plain, he remembered Abraham, and he brought Lot out of the catastrophe that overthrew the cities where Lot had lived. Genesis 19:29

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