God Is With You

I had a very good friend, Lori, who was a godly and caring woman. She became a Christ follower when she was in her thirties. I’ll never forget her zeal as she took hold of Jesus and never let go. Everyone who knew her, knew Jesus was a priority in her life.
She truly had a sweet spirit and was soft-spoken, kind and always thought of others. Her practice of forgiveness and selflessness was a testimony. She dealt with many difficult circumstances and people and made it her mission to do the right thing or always be the better person.

Even as she fought her two-year battle with melanoma, her faith remained strong. She often said that she believed the Lord was going to heal her and did not waiver in that belief, even when the news was bad. The Lord did indeed finally heal her by taking her home to be with Him on Thanksgiving Day in 2014. She was remembered at her funeral as a strong Christian woman who touched others and made a difference in people’s lives.
Just as people noticed Lori’s love for the Lord, people also noticed that Abraham was a godly man. As a matter of fact, Abimelech (the king) said to Abraham, “God is obviously with you in everything you do…” Abimelech and Abraham had previous dealings with one another and had known one another a long time.

Abraham openly and without any qualms worshipped the One and Only God. Because Abraham walked closely with God, God looked out for Abraham. Abimelech was aware of Abraham’s close relationship to God and wanted to have a covenant with him. Abimelech’s desire was to live in peace with Abraham and his people and to deal honestly with one another.

What a compliment it would be for someone to say to you, “God is obviously with you in everything you do.” It means that you are living your faith for all to see, and God means more to you than what people think of you. How can we live a life that shows God is in everything we do?

As you look at your life, you can ask yourself some questions. What is my relationship with the Lord like? Do I pray every day and consult Him about every decision? Am I reading the Bible daily so that I can know Him better? Do I give God the glory for the victories in my life and hold onto faith that He will lead me through the valleys? Do I worship the Lord more than anything else in my life? Am I reflecting the character of Christ in my daily living and dealings with others?

Living a godly life is not easy, and it is a daily challenge. There is always a spiritual battle going on in our minds over our souls. Satan will do whatever he can to put a wedge between us and the Lord. The key is to be aware of it and persevere and never take our eyes from the Lord. When we diligently seek Him and His will, we will find Him.

So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand. Isaiah 41:10

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