When God had Noah build the ark, He only allowed one door to the outside of that whole big barge.  Can you imagine…only one way in and out of a place that held all those animals?  Doors are an important feature to any structure.  They are designed to keep things out and/or to keep things inside.  Depending on the type of door, they can also keep things safe.

Once all the animals and Noah and his family were safely inside the ark, God – not Noah – closed that ark door.   As a matter of fact, some versions say God shut Noah in or shut the door behind Noah.  What a comfort it must have been to know that God closed that door.  It was sealed by God and nobody would be able to open it to get in or to get out, except for God Himself.  God kept out the sinful world that He wanted to destroy and kept in and protected Noah and his family and the animals from the rising waters and the surrounding danger and death.  When God finally opened the door, Noah and his family were safe on dry land.

God closed that door on a sinful, godless world and when He opened it again, it was to a better place.  The sinful influence and godless people were gone.  Noah and his family were able to start humanity over and began to raise a generation of people that honored God and followed His laws as part of their culture without any condemnation or bad influences.

It was not an easy transition for Noah and his family.  I believe Noah and his family were compassionate and cared for those godless people and wanted to rescue them as they heard their anguished cries.  Think of how awful it was for them to endure that and to not be able to help.  Then they realize that they are literally the only people on Earth and bobbed endlessly on the high waters waiting and wondering what would become of them.  They held tight to their faith in God to get through that rough period of time and overcome fear and anxiety.

Have you ever had God close a door on something or someone?  I have and it is such a final and complete act.  At the time the door closes we are going through the chaos, we cannot see why God closed that door and won’t let us open it again.  Like Noah, we are tossed around on life’s sea, feeling lost, hurt, mad and perhaps alone.  We don’t see an end to it and just bob around wondering what’s going to happen next.  But at some point God will open a door and there will be calm, the sun will come out again and we’ll be able to stand on dry land with both feet firmly planted.

When God closes a door, He gives us His seal of protection.  It is up to us to have the faith like Noah did to withstand the storm and believe that God knows what is best for us and will bring us through it safe and sound and better for it.  When we lean on Him He will be there and carry us through until the end.  Sometimes He leaves the door He closed shut permanently and will open another door so that we can be free from the past and finished with the storm and the chaos it brought.  When He opens a door, it is always for something better for us than what He originally closed the door on.  All we have to do is hold onto the Lord and have faith that He will work everything out for our good.


And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.  Romans 8:28

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