Last week after a night of hard rain and storms, Lily, our dog, and I were on our daily morning walk.  As I passed the grates and sewers on the road, I noticed that there were swirls of yellow pollen accumulated from the rain swollen streets.  It was so thick that it was having a hard time making it down the drains.  That pollen was sticky and hung onto what it could so that it wouldn’t be washed away.  But the water was a cleanser that was stronger than the pollen and slowly took it down the drain and away from sight.

With the pollen just washed away, for a short while, until it accumulated again, our cars, windows and sidewalks were all cleansed and pollen free.  Everything looked renewed.  It was refreshing to see after everything being covered for so long in a yellow powder.

You know, that pollen is a lot like our sin.  It sticks to us and doesn’t want to let go.  Sometimes we stick to it not wanting to let go.  It covers us like a sticky, off-color blanket and dulls what we could be if we would only let go of it or cast it away from us.  The worst part of sin is that it interferes with our relationship with God and clouds our view of Him.

The good news is that the Lord is in the cleansing business.  In nature, the rain comes and cleans the air and nurtures life in cycles.  That doesn’t happen in our spiritual lives.  God requires that we come to Him of our own freewill and ask for cleansing.  He will wash away all our sins when we come before Him humbly, confess them, and ask Him to take them away.  There is no sin that can stick to us and not be forgiven.  We can take anything to Him, and He will forgive and cleanse us.  He will nurture our spirit and renew our lives.

God paid a high price for our cleansing.  He sent His Son to Earth to live among us as a human.  Jesus experienced everything we did and was without sin.  Yet, He was treated and tried like a criminal and sent to die for absolutely no reason, except for the sins of mankind – your sin and mine.  Like that pollen, our sin covered Him on that Cross and as He bleed and died, His blood washed away that sin and was a pool at the foot of the cross.  Though Jesus died, He rose again and was renewed.  Today He offers that renewal to us.

Jesus can take the pollen of sin away and turn it into something that will bear fruit and through us show Himself to the world.  We can be a light in the darkness of a world covered with the pollen of sin.  The fruit we bear should be a variety of patience, love, kindness, joy, peace, gentleness, self-control and goodness.  When we have that in our lives, then we will be renewed and refreshed.

We are but human.  Just as the pollen will return after the rain, so sin will gain a foothold in our lives again.  It is a continuous cycle to confess and be cleansed so that we may bring forth good fruit.  The key is to remain aware when sin sticks to our lives and have a vibrant and loving relationship with our Lord so we can go to Him for cleansing.


But he was pierced for our transgressions, he was crushed for our iniquities; the punishment that brought us peace was on him, and by his wounds we are healed.  We all, like sheep, have gone astray, each of us has turned to our own way; and the Lord has laid on him the iniquity of us all.

Isaiah 53:5-6

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