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Wandering Through Life

Last night I dreamed that I had to run to our local grocery store, Food Lion, to get a few things.  The route between Food Lion and my house is less than two and one half miles.  However, in my dream I was not able to use that route for some reason.

Instead I drove to the downtown area to try to find parking in a parking garage.  I then had to find a walkway from the parking garage to some office buildings.   After several dead ends, I found the walkway and then I had to cut through several offices.  One of which was a hypnotist who was hypnotizing a group of people.  I had to close my eyes and quietly tip toed through as I prayed that I would be hypnotized.  Right outside the door of the hypnotist’s office was a tunnel. I had to get on my hands and knees and crawl through a long tunnel to get to the front of the Food Lion.  Once I got in the store, I wondered how on earth I was going to take anything much back with me.

But I persevered and got what I needed and came out of the store with two bags.  I tried to go back the way I came, but I could not get through.  I kept having to try another route and then another and then another.  I got frustrated and was relieved when I finally woke up!

On awakening my first thought was what on earth caused me to dream such a thing!  A simple task turned was turned into a major undertaking.  The mind-blowing thing was that in my dream there were plenty of people around me, but I kept trying to find my own way and never asked for directions!

As I thought about that dream, it reminded me of the Israelites.  All they had to do was get to the Promised Land which was only 240 miles away.  Walking at the rate of 6 miles an hour and traveling about 5 hours a day that would be a distance traveled of 30 miles daily.  At that rate it would have taken roughly 8 days to get there.  Yet they took a route much like my Food Lion one to get where they needed to go and it took them 40 years.

Why did they do that?  God told the Israelites that He would take them to the Promised Land and that they could conquer the present inhabitants and take the land as theirs.  However, they chose not to believe God and disobeyed Him by not doing as He told them.  He made them wander in the desert until the disbelieving generation was dead which was forty years.

Sounds harsh, doesn’t it?  However, when we don’t take God at His word and obey, there are consequences – none of which are pleasant.  Many people think that God doesn’t speak to us anymore, but He does.  He speaks to us through the Bible, the Holy Spirit and other believers.   Anything He tells us is always in our best interest and for our own good.  He is our Heavenly Father and loves us and desires a blessed and happy life for us.

This cannot happen if we aren’t tuned into what that means from God’s perspective.  That means we need to have a close relationship with Him which involves prayer and reading the Bible.  This will help us understand God and His ways better.  We can rest assured that any plan He has for us will not go against anything written in the Bible.  It’s so easy to read because there are so many translations to help us better understand what we are reading.

To live outside of God’s will is much like my dream of going to Food Lion where I wandered around aimlessly to get there.  Time and resources were wasted.  If I had stopped to ask for directions the outcome would have been different.  The same could be said of how we live our lives.

Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path. Psalms 119:105