The Great Faith

Genesis records the account of the Great Flood.  One of the things that I admire from that account is Noah’s super-sized faith in God.  God warned Noah that He was going to cause a flood and destroy all flesh (man and animal) because they were so violent and corrupt.  God said He would save Noah and his family because they walked with Him.  Noah had faith that God really was going to save them.  Faith in God was the foundation that enabled Noah and his family to prepare and endure the flood.

When God told Noah to build an ark (large barge) and gave them the blueprint, Noah & Sons built it according those specifications.  I imagine that the people around them made fun of them and/or thought Noah had lost his mind.  I can imagine that people sabotaged some of their work or stole from the site.  It’s also possible that he did not build this ark where there was a body of water which would make this whole project appear even more ludicrous to anyone observing them.   But Noah kept going, ignoring the people around him, overcame annoyances and stayed focused on God.

Not only did God ask Noah to build an ark, He asked him to round up two of each animal on Earth, plus extra of certain species and to put them on the ark.  He was also to get food for the animals and his family for a long period of time.  Once the ark was finished, Noah did as God asked.

Noah and his family would be outnumbered by animals on the ark.  They would be spread pretty thin taking care of them all.  Can you imagine the smell and the mess that they were going to have to deal with?  There was also danger associated with some of the animals.  Yet, Noah ignored the work and the issues that could be ahead and did what was asked of him.

How often have you felt the Holy Spirit urging you to do something out of the ordinary that goes against what the people around you think or believe?  It’s hard to step out on faith and do something for God that may cause a backlash from those around you.  God’s request may be as simple as saying no to something everyone else is doing that you feel is wrong or it may be to be kind someone you don’t like or has treated you badly.  God may also prompt you to change your plans to help someone or do something at church, school or home.  I’m sure Noah too would rather have been doing something else, but he sacrificed his time and resources to build that ark.  He knew what he didn’t have God would provide to complete the job.  I do not read anywhere where Noah questioned what God told him.  He just obeyed.

Sometimes what God asks us to do causes us a lot more work than we would like or anticipate.  It also requires a sacrifice of time and resources.  In our busy lives, it is hard to squeeze in another thing or to take something from our already stretched resources and give it over to God.  It is so easy to ignore God when we see that could happen, or we may do it and grumble about It – whether out loud or in our minds.   Noah willingly gave his time and resources to God without an attitude or a complaint and with faith that he was doing the right thing.

Noah lived out his faith even when it looked ridiculous and wrong.  He trusted God for provision for himself and his family and did not balk at being trapped on the ark with animals.  He accepted all the work and danger involved.   What about you?  Is God asking you to do something for Him?  Be like Noah and step out in faith and believe that God will provide you with everything you need to do as He asks regardless of what others around you may think.


By faith Noah, when warned about things not yet seen, in holy fear built an ark to save his family. By his faith he condemned the world and became heir of the righteousness that is in keeping with faith.  Hebrews 11:7


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