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Don’t Forget God in Your Plans

One day, I decided to surprise my family and bake chocolate chip cookies for dessert.  Because I had made them so often, I had the recipe memorized.  Not using a recipe made me feel like a professional baker. As I began to measure and pour into the mixing bowl, I smiled as I thought about my soon-to-be wonderful, edible creation.

I put the cookie dough in the oven to bake and set the timer.  When the timer went off. I pulled the cookies out. They were as flat as wax paper and fell apart.  I was both shocked and upset and went to look at the recipe.  As I read the instructions, I realized I had forgotten to add baking soda and salt so that they would rise.  The batch of cookies had to be thrown away.

Leaving out key ingredients in a recipe is a formula for disaster. In much the same way, when we leave God out of our decisions and choices, it is a formula for disaster.

An example of this goes back to Genesis in the area known as Babylonia. The people there all spoke the same language and had wandered away from the Lord.  They decided to build a city with a great tower.  The people did not consult God about it. They wanted to build something extraordinary that would make them famous and would reach to heaven.

The Lord looked down and saw what the people were doing. They had forgotten God. He knew that the more they could do and succeed on their own, the more sinful they would become. They wanted to do what they wanted to do and did not care whether it honored God or whether it was even good for them. Their sinfulness angered Him, and he scattered them. The He gave them each a different language so it would be harder to communicate with one another.

The great city and tower were forgotten in the chaos of needing to make a life in a different area of the world and/or speaking a language that nobody understood.  The delicious and rich cake of life flattened and left them starting over with the need to just worry about the basics. All the familiar and former things were mostly gone. There was no longer room for pride and arrogance.

I’ll never forget how proud I was that I didn’t have to consult a recipe for those cookies. I even fantasized about having my own cooking show and being a sought-after baker. The shock and dismay dispelled the pride and arrogance and brought me back to Earth. I realized that if I wanted to be a world class baker, I couldn’t count on my memory. I needed to keep to the recipe to make sure the most important things were not forgotten.

When we reject or forget Him in our decision-making processes, it can result in some hard life lessons. God is the baking soda and salt in our lives. He helps us rise and become the best we can be. When we have a relationship with Him, He will be in everything we do. He will be the constant that will keep us together to enjoy rewards and allow us to rise above our calamities.


Consider this, you who forget God, or I will tear you to pieces, with no one to rescue you: Those who sacrifice thank offerings honor me, and to the blameless I will show my salvation. Psalms 50:22-23