Monthly Archives: July 2016

Princess Phones

When I was a little girl my parents bought my sister and I a pink princess phone set.  One phone was set up in the kitchen/breakfast bar and the other was set up in our bedroom.  It was wired and we could actually call one another and talk.  We loved that phone!  My sister and I (sometimes my brother) would dial and talk nonsense and hang up and do it all again.

One night we were sent to bed and neither my sister or I could sleep.  We talked and giggled.  Suddenly the phone in our room began to ring.  At night it lit up and flashed with each ring.  It was kind of spooky.  My sister and I froze and stared at it.  It did not stop ringing.  My sister urged me to answer so I did.  She stood by me so she could hear, too.  It was Dad.  He said very clearly and firmly that we had to stop fooling around or we were going to be punished.  We were taken aback at first and were quiet but soon we were horsing around.  My dad called on the princess phone again with another warning.  And we were quiet and then started back at it.  Well, my dad came in and we got punished.

Our conversations with The Lord go much the same way.  He is on the princess phone at one end and we are on the other end.  We love to dial him up and have superficial, fun conversations with Him and place our requests before Him and go on our merry way.  Our conversations with God are all about us and our wish list, and often we don’t stop long enough to hear his side of the conversation.

We go our way and live our lives, and then God dials our number and wants to talk to us.  Sometimes we answer and sometimes we don’t.  His calls make us uncomfortable.  He talks about the sin in our lives, attitudes that need changed, and He wants us to immolate Christ.  We have “an overwhelming need to be me” and ignore His call.

Like my dad, God will give us another chance to listen to Him.  He is loving and caring.  He understands we are human and need extra grace and often gives it to us.  He will call again and perhaps more urgently tell us that He wants us to take action on some things.  We can choose to comply or ignore Him.  If we ignore Him, just like my dad there will be consequences.  My dad meant what He said and so does God.  God does not engage in fun, senseless conversation.

The Lord loves us to call on Him, but He also wants a chance to speak to us.  It is important to quiet ourselves and listen to His side of the conversation. He will talk to us through the Holy Spirit, other believers, and the Bible.  So when we talk to Him from our side of the princess phone in prayer, we should allow God to talk to us from His side of the princess phone by reading the Bible and going to church.  Set aside time that belongs to you and Him alone and come to Him with an open heart and mind.  Do you hear your princess phone ringing?  What do you think He wants to say to you today?

  If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.  2 Chronicles 7:14