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Healing Heart Book 2 – Falling to Pieces Now Available

Falling to Pieces (Healing Heart Book 2) by [Dearth, Deborah]

After Monte’s funeral, life goes on for Kathryn. As she deals with her grief, things come to light about Monte that are unsettling. Now she has to not only deal with her grief but has to sort through what she has learned and what it means for her and Gray now.

There is also a time of happiness as Kathryn travels to Las Vegas with her mother, son and Russ to attend Anna’s wedding to Marsh. It is a welcome change for everyone. There Kathryn is also reunited with one of Monte’s old friends from his Hollywood days who is delighted to reacquaint himself with his friend’s widow.

Kathryn’s and Russ’s friendship blossoms even more in their time away from Cleveland. There is a drama about to unfold in their future that neither are ready for. Will it bring them even closer? Or will the other men in her life put a wedge between them?

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